A collection of hard to find 90" wide prints

ready for hand or machine quilting.

Newest Items


     Mamaws  Burg       Maw's  Rose   Grannie's Closet Red      Closet Brown & Rose  


Wed. Ring Brown & Burgundy-  Lone Star  Teal- Americana Bright-Flower Basket Burgundy


Dresden Plate Burgundy   Plate Hunter     Log Cabin Hunter   Log Cabin Purple      Starlast slate/Burgundy


 Drunkard's Path   New Pinwheel Black   New Pinwheel Burgundy

 Wedding Rings -  Bear's Claws - Pinwheels


  Jan's Ring Blue  Wedding Ring Earth Tone  Wed. Ring Jewel    Burg/Hunter  Wed Ring Brown


  Jan's Ring Light      Bears Claw Gold    Claw Navy    Pinwheel Crimson   Pinwheel Navy      

 Dresden Plate-Dutch Boy/Girl- Flower Garden -  Basket


   Dres. Plate Gold         Black          Dresden Patch Blue    Patch Rose      Salem Star Brown


     Dutch Girl Red  Dutch Kids Blue      Kids Rose    Dutch Girl-Green  Dutch Boy & Girl                                               


     Flower Basket Navy  Flower Basket Black  Basket Burgundy  Tractor Red      Tractor Green  



     Lilies Lavender          Navy              Lilies Rose           Deer Burgundy      Deer Black    


  Irish Chain Navy  Chain Dark.      Chain Light    Chain Crimson & Royal   Crimson & Moss


 Starbox Gr & Burg      Starlast Slate     Calico Blue         Starlast Hunter    Lone Star Brown


Starlast Gold       Starlast Slate/Gold Starlast Gr & Burg  Starbox Blue & Rose  Lone Star Navy          


 Chickens & Roosters  Navy - Red     Dutch Tulips Hunter     Tulips Navy     Dahlia Hunter


Home Sweet Home Navy   Home Brick   Horses Black      Horses Burg.        Horses Navy      


Sunshine Navy   Sunshine Hunter  Burgundy & Hunter  Americans Burg       Amer. Navy


Rose Lace            Lilac Lace       Presentation Burg.  Pres. Navy                  Fruit

Please check web site for availability before ordering.       


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This page has been created so you may easily print out a catalog for your reference and to share. Pictures shown are of a small section or single block of the quilt top. If you would like me to send you a downloadable version (pdf file) of this catalog, click here. Please, always check web site for availability before ordering.

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